Deb Cripps 

As an inter-arts artist, I am inspired by diverse experiences that result in shifting perspectives. I am interested in interactive public art projects that focus on connectedness and belonging.  


Working as a visual story seeker and teller has taken me to 14 countries, 

and provided the opportunity to engage in over 400 interviews with people from varied cultures and backgrounds. From northern Uganda to remote villages in India and

Cambodia, to every Canadian province, these remarkable people and experiences

continue to influence my heart and my work.    


Published Work + Public Artwork 

"Keepers of the Land" book - Author, Co-photographer

"A Bird's Eye View" book - Edit, Design, Contributing photographs 

56 Days Around the World - Photographer, Writer 

Numerous Canadian Magazines  - Photographer, Writer, Ghostwriter 

AgVenture, "The Love of Food."  -  Photographer, Writer 

"Pass The Buck" - Founder

"Dove Fly"  - Creator, Lead Artist 

"Travellers' Way" 


Photography and Sculptures

Solo and group exhibitions.

Grant recipient - 2017, 2018


"Illuminative Forest of Storytelling Trees" Exhibit - Creator, Lead Artist, Writer  

A Canadian based inter-arts touring installation that uniquely explores aspects of the

human experience through the whimsical lens of 17 seven-foot sculptures.

The Illuminative Forest integrates storytelling, music, visual arts and technology. 

Performance Theatre

"Stories Within the Forest" - Creator, Lead Artist, Creative Director, Writer  

Theatre Production - A collaborative effort of indigenous and non-indigenous artists

coming together to explore storytelling, onsite art creation, and a sharing of knowledge.

Current Work

“Optics 2019”

The Illuminative Forest of Storytelling Trees Exhibit

"River Flow" 

"Six Tapestries" 

Contact Me

Deb Cripps